Taliah Waajid - Natural Hair Moisturizing Detangling and Styling Cream

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  • Contains shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil.
    • Softens even the thickest naturals, curls and twists.
    • Non-greasy cream, Defines curls and reduces frizz.
    • Best on medium to thick natural hair textures.
    • Holds natural styles longer.
    • Optimum shine and softness.
    • Conditions makes hair more manageable.

    The Taliah Waajid Pure & Natural Shea-Coco collection uses the perfect blend of shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil to give you the most natural hair care experience for healthy hair and skin.

    Taliah Waajid Pure & Natural Shea-Coco is the most natural collection we offer, with each product in the Shea-Coco range formulated with 97-100% natural ingredients for curly, kinky and wavy hair types. Each product moisturizes, conditions and fights frizz for defined curls that last all day. While other products boast “made with natural ingredients”, Shea-Coco proudly tells how much “natural” is actually contained in each jar/bottle. Visit naturalhair.org for details.

      How to Use:
      Daily use for styling: Use on wet or dry hair. For daily styling, apply a liberal amount to your hair, massage or finger manipulate to form your curls or to just moisturize your hair.

      Twist Outs/Two strand twists styles: Apply a liberal amount to the area before two strand twisting the hair. Works great on individual two strand twists or on twist rows. Let set for an hour or overnight if you intend to un-twist your hair for a twist out. Add a little of the Shea Coco Monoi oil for additional shine and moisturizing.