Style Factor - Lock Booster w/ Natural Tea Tree Leaf Oil

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  • Twist and Grip
  • Achieve flawless twists, locks, and braids that stay in place with maximum shine and no frizz. Rub a small amount of the Lock BOOSTER Twist and Grip Styling Solution onto your hands and work it through your hair before styling to achieve a look that lasts. Whether you’re twisting chunky curls, braiding straight hair, or locking natural hair, this flake-free formula is your go-to styling partner.

    The Lock BOOSTER formula is available with three different hero ingredient options. Stock your beauty station with the green bottle to detangle and add shine with natural olive and peppermint oil. The pink formula includes natural rosehip oil to boost conditioning power with nourishing protection. If frizz control is your top priority, choose the orange Lock Booster bottle with marula oil for maximum hydration.

  • High shine and conditioning pomade with natural olive oil and peppermint oil 
  • Long-Lasting hold for all hair types