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It’s U Skin Smoothing Primer prepares and ensures your impeccable makeup lasts all day long.
It creates a smooth skin surface for flawless coverage.

  • Use the 'Hydrating' Primer to get healthy and hydrated looking skin. Containing ingredients to help retain your skins moisture levels.
  • Use the 'Matte' Primer to achieve a flawless base and minimize pores without clogging them or causing excess oil.
  • Skin Uses:
    1. Start with a cleansed and moisturized face. Apply sunscreen and then you're ready to apply primer.
    2. Squeeze a dime size amount of primer on the back of your hand, mix it with your finger to warm up the product and then dab it all over your face.
    3. Gently rub the primer in and allow it to settle before applying foundation.