Design Essentials - Protective Styles Moroccan Oil Detangling Blow-Dry Conditioner

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  • Whether you like adding a few tracks or you want to transform your look without commitment, our Design Essentials® Wigs & Extensions Detangling Blow-Dry Conditioner extends the beauty of your natural or synthetic weaves, wigs, and extensions.

    Why do you need this? The processing that goes into hair extensions make them prone to tangling and dullness over time. Typically they have unique needs different from your personal hair texture. So they need special care to bring them back to their original beauty.

    Regular moisturizing products can be too heavy for weaves, wigs, and extensions. But this conditioner is moisturizing, yet lightweight, which is a plus for extensions. The spray uses moroccan oil to control frizz, detangle, and improve manageability. Plus, it increases wearability by reducing shedding and damage while blowdrying.

    • Conditions and detangles hair to reduce shedding
    • Reduces damage while blow-drying
    • Moisturizes and adds shine without a heavy build up
    • Free from parabens, petrolatum and mineral oil

    Key Ingredients

    • MOROCCAN (ARGAN) OIL is a highly conditioning and moisturizing oil rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants

    How To Use

    1. Apply generously to damp hair and distribute evenly.
    2. Gently separate strands to remove knots and tangles.
    3. Follow with wide-tooth comb. DO NOT RINSE. Heat dry or air-dry as preferred for desired style.