AS I AM - Restore and Repair Jamaican Black Castor Oil Water

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JBCO Water replaces Shower Water. 

Oftentimes your shower water is filled with harsh chemicals (such as Chlorine) and minerals (like Calcium or Magnesium) that even the best shower filters or most expensive water softener systems cannot remove. These impurities limit the ability of even the best conditioners to penetrate into the hair fiber. Health effects aside, these chemicals and minerals are not beneficial for your face, skin, or hair.

Use JBCO Water in the shower to wet your hair and rinse your hair for every step of your shower process. Use it to rinse your Shampoo and Conditioner.. Perfect for misting on your face and skin.

Our water is sourced directly from Lake Michigan, one of the largest Fresh Water lakes in the world, and then is further purified via ElectrodeionizationReverse Osmosis, a dual wavelength disinfecting UV lamp, and sub-micron filters to catch any remaining impurities.

Helps you conserve 10-20 gallons of H20 daily by giving you manual control of water usage for rinsing and hydrating hair, face, and skin. Pump the right amount of our magical water instead of over-saturating your hair and skin with hard water. No need to let the shower run.