Africa's Best - Braid Sheen Spray

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16oz BONUS
  • Our Braid Sheen Spray gives your hair and scalp a healthy dose of moisture when styled in braids, weaves, locs, and cornrows. Formulated with extra conditioning agents, a few sprays relieves itchy scalp, prevents dryness, and boosts your overall shine.
  • Nourishing anti-breakage formula 
  • Treats Dry
  • Irritated Scalp
  • Leaves Hair with a super sheen
  • W/ Panthenol & Keratin 
  • Provides a natural healthy sheen to hair
  • Deep penetrating moisturizers and conditioners 
  • Helps eliminate dry scalp and itch
  • Reduces breakage and irritation
  • pH Balanced
  • Enriched with herbal extracts & Botanicals
  • Work well on locks, curls, naturals, relaxed and synthetic hair